The Highlander Who Loved Me

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The Highlander Who Loved Me

The McKennas, #1

If I were to summarize the entire story of the book the word I would choose would be "likable." The story was not grand by any means. The romance had nothing special about it and the characters seemed like their lives had repeated throughout other novels and yet there was something unique about the writing flow of the author.

To focus more importantly on the writing the descriptive backdrops as well as the plot set the tone of the story to something not interesting to material that I would consider entertaining. Adrienne Basso, the author has a knack for storytelling and although the book wasn't quite what I was expecting I cannot complain about the writing nor that of the plot.

I think that the largest flaw of the book lays not with the romance but instead with the direct characters. Both James and Davina were similar to all themed highlander novels. Their names, the way they acted throughout the book both as individuals as well as together made the story repeat from previous stories. Basically there was nothing about this duo that set them apart from other characters. I feel this is highly important for any author to do because the highlander theme is most popular with modern readers and with myself as well.

If I am going to rate such a story high than it simply needs to stand out when in comparison against fellow romances.

For the reasons of the characters as well as their romance, which never fully took off since the attraction between the twosome never was fully lite I would not recommend the book. Now, if I would consider the book primarily on the grounds of a historical novel with writing that is wonderful than I would recommend the book. Yet if you are looking for a romance that sizzles then this is a novel that is not going to tame that fire within.

Book Blurb for The Highlander Who Loved Me

A Highlander Is Always Worth Waiting For

Scottish Highlands, 1329. Sir James McKenna, second son of the powerful McKenna Chief, knows he has found his destiny when he falls in love with sweet Lady Davina Armstrong, niece of the Armstrong Chief. Orphaned in childhood, Davina has always felt like an outsider, and with James finally feels that she belongs. But their plans for a happy future are shattered after a brutal attack by a band of rogues. Horrified, Davina's overprotective family quickly shelters her from everyone--including James. . .

Five years later, James is a changed man. His fighting skills sharpened to perfection, he is hardened by the war and destruction he's endured as a Scottish knight--and by the loss of Davina. Weary, he returns home--and is shocked to find Davina there. Is it too late for them to start anew, or will the past dare to lay claim to their future once more?. . .

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 3.50