Dark Protectors Novella

Exhilarating action, immortally satisfying, the author, Rebecca Zanetti delivers a fresh bite to readers with the latest in her "Dark Protectors" series with the release of "Talen".

Let's be honest I have zero guilt about confessing my love for the "Dark Protectors" series as this collection of dangerously devouring romance is my all-time favorite. If you are one of the few readers who has not taken the thrill ride of immortal love with Zanetti than by all means do not wait any longer because the series is going to take you to places that you have never gone before with any writer.

Talen, the hero of this story was in no short supply of what I love most about a vampire lover-his immortal instincts to protect his mate with his life even after decades of loving one another. Talen as well as his mate Cara (the heroine), remained in love and insisted on challenging one another throughout the story. This distinctive romance of a darker HEA-ending is in short supply within the modern industry. Yet, Zanetti as the writer insists on delivering this high level of both commitments as well as excitement in each of her novels, every single time.

The story itself is centered around both Talen as well as Cara years later. There has been a lot of changes within their lives as Talen was first introduced in the beginning of the "Dark Protectors" series. I would suggest that you read this series in order so that it is easier to follow along with Talen's story. I was happy to see that Cara remained difficult at times. Talen treated her like she was fragile but in reality, Cara was capable of fighting her own battles. Still, the added mystery of a new threat did it make it more likely that Talen would need to continue to protect his wife and family.

There is so much to love about this story as well as the "Dark Protector" series. I have been hooked since the very beginning and I have yet to be disappointed by any of the novels. If you are craving hot, vampire sex that can make your toes curl and a lasting romance beyond forever than reading "Talen" is your cure.

Book Blurb for Talen

She’ll love him forever . . . but he can’t make her obey . . .

The war is over. Danger has passed. Cara Kayrs is healed after decades of illness and ready for a break.

Too bad her brooding, alpha vampire husband can’t seem to change gears. In their twenty-five years together Talen Kayrs has learned to sense every shiver of her body, to ignite her desire with a word or a look. She would think he could learn she’s not some fragile damsel in distress.

But Talen is on edge, watching their backs, treating her like she’s made of glass. Like there’s something following them, a deadly threat that somehow none of their intelligence has uncovered. It’s enough to drive a woman crazy, and Talen has plenty of those tendencies already.

But what’s even more maddening is that he seems to be right . . .

“Intense. I love it.” —Night Owl Reviews

“Paranormal romance at its best!” —Cynthia Eden

Previously published in Wicked Burn.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 5.00