Swept Away - V3

This novella is another great win penned by Haymore. Volume three is possibly the best out of the first three volumes. I am still debating about that because this series has been so good from the beginning and it has continued with this review.

So much has happened since I started reading Tara and Ethan's story. There is a large amount of suspense in this book and some of it actually surprised me. I love that because not many books can do that, but Swept Away has done just that.

Volume three is what readers have been waiting for as much about the characters are revealed. In fact the more I read from this series the more I sympathize with Tara. My sympathy for Tara however does not mean that I do not like Ethan because I do. Ethan may have kept a lot of secrets from Tara, but the fact that he is a man that kept the promise of protection is worth taking notice of. Ethan may not be the ideal hero for many readers but that is what makes this series stand out. Both Tara and Ethan are two characters that I never expected to uncover in a book and that is always a good thing.

My only flaw with this novella is that the book begins to pick up a more fast pace much like volume one. Volume two was a little more my speed as a reader. I would have liked to have seen volume three a little slower, but then maybe the suspense wouldn't have been such a thrilling ride.

There is one more left (volume four) before the series comes to an end. I have mixed feelings about the ending because I want it see how Tara and Ethan's story will end, but then I've enjoyed the series so much that it is hard to let go...

Book Blurb for Swept Away - V3

It's yet another bomb. The past week has been full of them, exploding when least suspected. This one, though...this one shatters me. Like all the other bombs have combined into one nuclear missile, and Ethan has just rammed it into my chest.

Survival was what should've been foremost on my mind. But Ethan's lies consumed me instead. I trusted him, and the devastation of his betrayal cut so deep, I was surprised I wasn't bleeding.

Warning: Swept Away is a 4-part serial. This story is messy and twisted and very, very sexy. It is not for people under 18.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.50