Rules for a Rogue

Romancing the Rules, #1

"Rules for the Rogue," is an engaging romance that is filled with charm, wit and yet I did find the plot to be among those that I would classify as not among the more intense historical-ROMANCE titles. I felt like the attraction between the hero and heroine was forced rather than natural and honestly the chemistry was missing that spark of fire that I expect to find in any romance novel.

This story was certainly more of a historical-fiction with minimum interactions of romance. Yes, Kit and Ophelia liked one another, but I would say love was an overstatement. I didn't really feel like the author had convinced me that the characters were able to reach their own HEA-ending. I wanted more romance, more depth and definitely more chemistry.

As for the plot it was fairly standard of what a reader would expect to find in a historical-romance and that wasn't exactly a flaw. The only complaint I do have regarding the plot is that like the romance I wish there had been more appealing details. I wanted more developed details throughout the book. "Rules for a Rogue," should have been a more fun, upbeat read than what it was.

Basically, I liked some elements of the book and some I didn't. I'm not sure at this point if I would want to continue the series. I'll be giving it some thought.

Book Blurb for Rules for a Rogue

Kit Ruthven's Rules (for Rogues)

#1 Love freely but guard your heart, no matter how tempting the invader.

#2 Embrace temptation, indulge your sensual impulses, and never apologize.

#3 Scorn rules and do as you please. You are a rogue, after all.

Rules never brought anything but misery to Christopher “Kit” Ruthven. After rebelling against his controlling father and leaving the family’s etiquette empire behind, Kit has been breaking every one imaginable for the past four years. He’s enjoyed London’s sensual pleasures, but he’s failed to achieve the success he craves as London’s premier playwright. When his father dies, Kit returns to the countryside and is forced back into the life he never wanted. Worse, he must face Ophelia Marsden, the woman he left behind years before.

After losing her father, Ophelia has learned to rely on herself. To maintain the family home and support her younger sister, she tutors young girls in deportment and decorum. But her pupils would be scandalized if they knew she was also the author of a guidebook encouraging ladies to embrace their independence.

As Kit rediscovers the life, and the woman, he left behind, Ophelia must choose between the practicalities she never truly believed in, or the love she’s never been able to extinguish.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50