Never Marry a Viscount

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Never Marry a Viscount

Scandal at the House of Russell, #3

This novel is one of my favorite historical romances of all time! I have to give thumbs up to Stuart for penning such a traditional, romantic and devouring read!

Lately I feel like whenever I am to sit down and read a historical romance, minus a few authors including Stuart I feel as if the novels are becoming more and more modernized. The true and the whit that drew me into reading the genre in the first place has lost its magic. The same plots are vastly re-used and I can usually guess what the ending will be like by the time I reach the halfway point of the novels.

This is not the case with Stuart. She breathed life back into historical romance with her characters Alexander and Sophie. There was true love, marriage, charming estates and a pleasing ending. It's worth noting that Stuart has a gift for writing and having been feeling a little exhausted by the modern world I felt so carefree while reading Never Marry a Viscount like I had traveled through time.

I enjoyed Alexander's character the most. He is not only empowering in his nature but he is written pleasantly to be handsome, dominant and a little distant. Stuart offered a delightful sense to her hero and I enjoyed being in Alexander's company. The same can be said for Sophie as well.

I only having one drawback about this novel and that is that I haven't read the other novels in this series. It isn't that I have overlooked the fellow books, it is the fact that I haven't discovered Stuart or her lovely novels until now. So I am most eager to get my eyes on the previous books of this series.

If you are a reader that discovers Stuart as I did I think you will be fine reading Never Marry a Viscount on its own. I didn't have any trouble reading the novel as a standalone. In fact I think I would prefer to have done it this way as I am now reviewing the author based solely on the first book that I have read by her and I have no other influences persuading me along the way.

Book Blurb for Never Marry a Viscount

She’s crept back into the home she lost. He’s crept into her heart.

Sophie Russell was once society’s darling. But after the disgrace and death of her father, she now finds all doors firmly shut to her—including those of her family home. To discover the secrets now hidden within its beloved walls, she’ll pose as a cook and spy on the estate’s new owner, a broodingly handsome viscount, who may have schemed against the Russells. Instead of dishing up the truth, the viscount tempts Sophie with delicacies of his own…

Viscount Griffiths suspects that there is more to his new cook than meets the eye—especially since it was a mistress he hired sight unseen, not a cook. With the hope that her passion in the kitchen will extend to his bedchamber, he humors the beautiful interloper. But when that passion burns to brightest love, revelations may shake both of their wary hearts…

The final sensuous book in the Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy will lay the truth bare.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50