Celtic Maid

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Celtic Maid

Pict Desire Book #2

Celtic Maid is another great win by Jarecki. Having read other books involving the Celtics I'm beginning to fall in love with the way this author can tell a story of any culture. Of course I'm also a fan of the Scottish romances that are penned by Jarecki so I guess that leaves me with the feeling of deciding which I like the most.

I have decided the author can spin a tale of romance, adventure and action, very well. Celtic Maid had all those traits buried within the pages, and possibly the best introduction to a hero that I have ever experienced. From the very first chapter to the last, I kept turning the pages of this book because there was so much waiting to be found! To put it short, no other author can make readers want to turn a page like Jarecki does!

Titus, the hero fit perfectly into this book as well as Elspeth fit perfectly within his arms. Both of these characters are worth the effort to applaud. The romance, though daring and rugged in every way, was never pushed or forced onto the reader. As the plot thickened the romance grew and as a reader I had to wait to see the final result of the romance. Only Jarecki could pull this off as an author but she does it so well that it is impossible not to fall in love with her stories.

If you ever read a book that contains undivided amounts of history and fiction, and feels like you are getting more of a lesson in history than anything else, there is no need to worry whenever reading a novel written by Jarecki. There is always an equal balance of the two and no need for collusion. This is one of many traits that I value about a story told by Jarecki, but perhaps my favorite is her ability to tell a story.

I highly encourage you, a fellow reader, to not only read this book but as many as Jarecki books as you desire this new year. If you do then I know that without a doubt you will agree with me when I say, Jarecki is one of the best entertainers of the modern world...

Book Blurb for Celtic Maid

Can a loyal soldier of Rome follow his heart?

Primus Centurion Titus Augustus Romulus has fought tirelessly to reclaim Hadrian’s Wall from the clutches of the barbarians. Once his goal is achieved, he sets his sights on a long awaited advancement to lead the entire Roman province of Britannia. But when Elspeth stows away in his chamber, things begin to go awry. As time passes, he uncovers the mysterious warrior woman’s talents…until she’s exposed as a Pict spy.

Elspeth has been bred to hate Romans. Never would she allow her heart to betray her code of loyalty. But Titus’s stare raking across her body sends shivers over her skin. For a moment, she loses herself in the rugged centurion’s allure…until her world crumbles.

Can an ardent soldier of Rome gain the courage to turn his back on his duty? Love versus honor clash as Titus battles all sides in a fight to uncover the truth, invoke justice and follow his heart.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50