Bound by One Scandalous Night

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Bound by One Scandalous Night

The Scandalous Summerfields

To be fairly honest I had a tough time just trying to push myself into reading Bound by One Scandalous Night in order to write a balanced review. The writing was decent in both the description and romance, but it just wasn't strong enough in comparison with some of the best romance writers of the modern world. The romance it wasn't too bad, but there wasn't enough chemistry for me to enjoy it fully, even though I felt the characters genuinely loved one another. The romance was what a reader would expect to uncover in such a story. The characters were written well enough, although I do think that more time was spent on the hero rather than on the heroine. I like stories that have both characters equally written so that I can find a better view of the entire plot. I plan to give the author another chance in the future by reading another novel not related to The Scandalous Summerfields series. I do not think one book is enough to judge any writer. I look forward to where the next book will lead.

Book Blurb for Bound by One Scandalous Night

Marrying a stranger 

On the eve of battle, Lieutenant Edmund Summerfield rescues mysterious Amelie Glenville from attack by marauding soldiers. Heady from the anticipation and uncertainty in the air, they spend the night together, but their scandalous actions have one inescapable consequence…!

The illegitimate son of an aristocrat, Edmund won't consign his unborn child to the same fate, so he offers Amelie marriage. With a honeymoon spent weathering a storm of scandal, can these two strangers hope to turn their convenient marriage into something real?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.00