At Wolf Ranch

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At Wolf Ranch

A Montana Men Novel, #1

As a reader I can safely admit that there is so much to like about Ryan as an author. Her writing style is nearly flawless, her characters are sexy and yet fresh and the plot of her books makes readers want to dig their heels into dirt and stay awhile.

The very first thing that you as a reader will notice about this book is the first chapter. I promise that throughout the rest of this year you will not uncover a better first chapter than what you will uncover in this book. It's heartbreaking and sets the tone of the book thrillingly. My heart was literally pacing by the time I was into the opening chapter in just a few pages.

From the opening chapter to the very ending this book is full of suspense, action, romance and lust. It was almost as if I was reading the perfect romance and in many ways I was. It's hard to point out any flaws within this book. If I had to pick just one I would say that there were times when the plot might have dragged on a little longer than what I would have liked in the way of selective scenes. This flaw could and most likely is my own personal fault because I am impatient and even a little over anxious to see what was going to happen next in the book.

I've been reading books written by Ryan since last year when I first discovered her books on the publisher's website. To be honest I'm not the strongest reader in western books but Ryan has convinced me otherwise and for one simple reason, her stories are unlike the westerns I'm use to reading. That's what I want right now as do some of my fellow readers, books and authors that can change our minds about themes of books by creating new sharper stories that capture our attentions and keep us entertained for years to come, and in the end that's all that matters.

Book Blurb for At Wolf Ranch

Everything's bigger in Big Sky country, including the hearts of the Montana Men

After years on the rodeo circuit, Gabe Bowden wants nothing more than land of his own and a woman who will claim his heart for more than one night. When he has the chance to buy the enormous Wolf Ranch spread, he snaps up the incredible deal. Everything is set, until Gabe rescues a woman on the deserted, snowy road leading to the property, and the half-frozen beauty changes everything.

Ella Wolf rushes to her family's abandoned Montana ranch after her twin sister is murdered. She knows she's next…unless she can uncover a secret hidden somewhere at Wolf Ranch. The last thing Ella expects is to be rescued by a rugged rancher with his own agenda. A man who almost makes her forget how dangerous love can be…

As an unlikely partnership sparks into something so much more, and a killer closes in, can Ella and Gabe learn to trust one another before it's too late?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.50