An Heiress for All Seasons

A Debutante Files Christmas Novella

This novella is one of those delightful and romantic reads that makes you long for the days of snowfall and a good book such as An Heiress for All Seasons. I was very surprised by much I liked this book and everything from the chemistry between Violet and Will, their romance and the plot all just fell into place so easily. This novella truly is a gift for all readers.

I am a new reader to Sophie Jordan. I have heard a lot of praise about the author from both members of my book club as well as from fellow readers and I think it's easy to see after reading this novella. It's a very charming storyline which is one of the many reasons I fell in love with the historical genre. If I had to select just one trait about Jordan that I have noticed it is the fact that she stays true to what she is reading. There is a little difference in this novella compared to other historical authors but Jordan kept the similar traits that I know and I love.

What shines the most in this book is the romance. It's purely for the heart and yet it is steamy! I think any girl would want to have a gentlemen like Will in her life. Together he and Violet have a passionate love that would bring any true happiness to readers turning the holiday season.

I would have liked to seen the novella stretched out a little more than just a hundred pages. I know that novellas are meant to be short and there wasn't anything missing from this story, but I wasn't fully prepared to see it end because it was so pleasant.

An Heiress for All Seasons is the book to go to if you are in the mood for a good, holiday book and even if you are not and just looking for a sexy, romantic read than look no further than Sophie Jordan.

Book Blurb for An Heiress for All Seasons

When a holiday blizzard brings together a pair of reluctant lovers, the result threatens their reputations … and may cost them their hearts.

Feisty and independent American heiress Violet Howard swears she'll never wed a crusty British aristocrat. Will, the Earl of Moreton, is determined to salvage his family's fortune without succumbing to a marriage of convenience.

But when a snowstorm leaves Violet and Will stranded and alone, their sudden chemistry will challenge good intentions. Seized by a desire that burns through the night, they'll toss reservations aside in favor of the heat found in each other's arms.

Will their passion survive the storm? Will they realize they've found a love to last them through all seasons?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.00