A Summer to Remember

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A Summer to Remember

A Tallgrass Novel, #6

“A Summer to Remember”, was yet another wonderful read from author, Marilyn Pappano. I discovered the author a few years ago and I have to say that I intensely became hooked on the many military heroes coming home and finding true love. Also, the women that have their own journey of both love as well as mending their own hearts following sorrow.

There are many reasons as to why a novel written by Pappano is worth reading, but the sole reason for myself is the fact that the author knows how to find the perfect balance between romance and drama. I find that so many modern authors cannot find an equal stability with both the romance as well as the drama that often follows in contemporary romances.

Of course Pappano's novels are much more than just standard romances. In fact most the novels are only highlighted by romance as the stories lay within the hearts and the motivations of second chances among the characters own lives. Normally I would not be a fan of this idea, but a novel written by Pappano is so beautiful that it’s entirely impossible not to fall in love with both the characters as well as the stories.

This story is a prime example of a military story that contains both heartache, romance and a journey of what it means to move forward in life when all one wants to do is give up. I highly suggest this novel as I do all books written by the highly talented Marilyn Pappano.

Book Blurb for A Summer to Remember


It's been a long time since widow Fia Thomas felt the spark of physical attraction. But from the moment she meets Elliot Ross one stormy night, she yearns for a fresh start, for him to make her feel whole and well again. With his broad shoulders and a warm smile crinkling his dark eyes, he could finally offer her the solace she's been seeking. And she's willing to give him anything in return . . . except a promise that could break his heart.

Now that Elliot is out of the Army, he's looking for a place to call home. Tallgrass was just a stop to stretch his legs, yet one look at Fia halts him in his tracks. In her sweet, sassy company, he finds the soul mate he never thought he'd have. But Fia is holding something back-something that keeps her from making any plans. Elliot's new mission: gain Fia's trust...and convince her that summer's end can mean a new beginning.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00