A Scoundrel by Moonlight

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A Scoundrel by Moonlight

Sons of Sin, #4

I really hate the bold fact that as one the novels that I was anticipating to read this year, A Scoundrel by Moonlight, just fell terribly short of everything that I was hoping that it would be. To be fair, I absolutely adore Campbell has an author. Her stories are usually so romantic that it is impossible not to fall in love with her books…with this book being the only exception that I have found so far.

My main flaw with the story is in fact James, the hero. Normally I like heroes that tend to be more beastly in his nature, but there is a difference between such actions and a personality that is too savagery upon introduction for me as the reader. It was immensely difficult for me to like James. At first I thought his outer skin might have been just too thick and that Nell, the heroine, only needed to understand and to love James for her to undercover the truth behind his behavior. I was wrong as James seemed to enjoy his dominance over not only Nell but females in general and the more I read the more I wanted to stop reading the book.

However, I finished the book in order to have an honest opinion when writing this review and I have to say that the ending had a much different tone than the rest of the story. Had the ending reflected the actual tone of the book and that of James, I know that I would have enjoyed this book much more. Unfortunately by the time this happened it was too late.

On a more positive note, I think this book would make for a great Regency book. The romance was the only thing that did not work for me. The rest of the book flowed well. Overall, this book was a major miss for me. But that doesn't mean that the rest of Campbell's novels will be and for that reason I will continue to read books published by this author as well as continue to consider her as one of my favorites.

Book Blurb for A Scoundrel by Moonlight

Anything can happen in the moonlight . . .

Justice. That's all Nell Trim wants-for her sister and for the countless other young women the Marquess of Leath has ruined with his wildly seductive ways. Now she has a bold plan to take him down . . . as long as she can resist the scoundrel's temptations herself.

From the moment Nell meets James Fairbrother, the air positively sizzles. Yet for all his size and power, there's something amazingly tender in his touch. Could he really be such a depraved rogue? The only way to find out is to beat the devil at his own game . . . one tempting kiss at a time.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 3.00