A Highland Knight's Desire

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A Highland Knight's Desire

Highland Dynasty Series, #2

A moment of true excitement hit me when I saw this book had been nominated for publication through the Amazon's Kindle Scout program. I was thrilled to be aided in the voting. As previously mentioned in other reviews, I am a huge fan of Jarecki as an author and A Highland Knight's Desire is perhaps my favorite thus far.

The instant suspense of action throughout the story and the true heart of the romance made this tale worthy of my own desires as the reader. Both Meg and Duncan were worthy of happily-ever-after endings even though at first I wasn't as convinced that their story would be one of such endings. By the middle of the book I no longer had any doubts lingering.

I do want to point out that it's mandatory to read this series in order. For not only entertainment purposes but so that as a reader you will not become lost with the Duncan and the storyline in this book.

As for the writing in this book, Jarecki never washes out. She is stronger than ever with her divine stories, distinctive characters and a romance that makes me want to truly believe in both heroes and in true love.

Book Blurb for A Highland Knight's Desire

In 15th century Scotland, Sir Duncan finds himself rescuing Lady Meg from the clutches of the Earl of Northumberland, and he is knocked off guard by the sassy, redheaded lass. And aye, the tall, dark, and rugged Highlander challenges Meg’s piety with his every stare.

Sir Duncan focuses on returning Lady Meg to her family and collecting his bounty before the lass can further sink her wiles into his heart. Lady Meg’s kidnapper, Northumberland, is plotting his revenge and is out to ruin them both. If Northumberland’s ruse is not exposed, Meg may end up becoming a nun, and Duncan a pawn in a deadly game. Join us on this passionate adventure as Lady Meg discovers herself – and her desires.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50