A Broken Kind of Beautiful

For me this novel wasn't as inspirational as I had hoped. I wasn't as fond of Ivy, the main character of the plot, as I would have hoped and often times she came off a bit too strong and unwilling to correct the errors that were considered major mistakes in her life. I suppose in some ways this will make Ivy's personality appeal to some readers, but I was really hoping for a much stronger character.

The writing style of the novel flowed fairly well. The speed was constant. It was somewhere between slow and medium and the tone of the plot was kept throughout the book. I with the number of characters was trimmed. With so many characters the story came off confusing to me and the secondary characters did overshadow Ivy throughout the novel. It was as if the author was trying to detail the stories of the lives of other characters along with Ivy's and I found myself struggling to keep up with the story's foundation.

I didn't like the ending either. The last sentence was the only part of the ending that actually summarized the actual book to my satisfaction. Overall I think it lacked in needed details. It felt like the author was just trying to end the book and it didn’t fit well.

The moral of the story was good and I did like how Ivy finally discovered her true nature. I only wish that it had not taken so long for her to do so. This book is more along the lines of a religious read and is one of faith and the will to believe. I enjoyed these traits of the novel. Also Ivy's struggles are similar to the women of today in the sense that many of us find ourselves attempting to find the will to walk away as Ivy did from the parts of our lives that can never be worked out.

In the end I did find certain aspects of this novel to be enjoyable and others I didn't. I added this novel to my shelf out of respect for the author and the fact that she is willing to break the mold and create storylines that are not only faithful but are different. I think that in itself is worth the time to read A Broken Kind of Beautiful.

Book Blurb for A Broken Kind of Beautiful

Sometimes everything you ever learned about yourself is wrong

Fashion is a fickle industry, a frightening fact for twenty-four year old model Ivy Clark. Ten years in and she’s learned a sacred truth—appearance is everything. Nobody cares about her broken past as long as she looks beautiful for the camera. This is the only life Ivy knows—so when it starts to unravel, she’ll do anything to hold on. Even if that means moving to the quaint island town of Greenbrier, South Carolina, to be the new face of her stepmother’s bridal wear line—an irony too rich for words, since Ivy is far from the pure bride in white.

If only her tenuous future didn’t rest in the hands of Davis Knight, her mysterious new photographer. Not only did he walk away from the kind of success Ivy longs for to work maintenance at a local church, he treats her differently than any man ever has. Somehow, Davis sees through the façade she works so hard to maintain. He, along with a cast of other characters, challenges everything Ivy has come to believe about beauty and worth. Is it possible that God sees her—a woman stained and broken by the world—yet wants her still?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50