Wicked Enchantment

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Wicked Enchantment

Wicked Enchantment is the first book I've read by Sabrina York. The thing that caught my attention about this story was the fact that it involved Djinns. I've always been interested in the folklore behind these magical beings and I knew this romance was one I wanted to read.

I liked this book from the moment I read that very descriptive scene where Aimalee gets sucked in the bottle. She's suddenly trapped with a gorgeous stranger who needs immediate use of her body. The longer she's in the bottle, though, the more she gets to know Keeshan and discovers that he has been imprisoned by the Dark Djinn who had blamed Keeshan for his sister's death centuries before.

As if a gorgeous genie wouldn't be enough to make me want to stay in the bottle, it also comes with a huge library consisting of any book that Keeshan desires. A mirror room where the mirror shows you anything you want to see, as long as you don't get too emotional, and the banquet hall where all you have to do is ask for whatever food or drink you're in the mood for.

I loved the way the author described the setup of the bottle, it made me feel as if I were really there. I also enjoyed the way the story turned out. It came full circle and has a happy ending. If your into anything magical, or a story with creatures somewhere along the lines of Arabian Nights, then I suggest this romance to you.

Book Blurb for Wicked Enchantment

Consigned to a magical prison, Sir Keeshan has suffered torment after torment for thousands of years. The curse of a powerful Djinn entombed him in the lamp, damning him to an eternity of pleasing the women the lamp brings him, but never knowing true love. Every hundred years or so, a new woman appears and they are both are ensnared in an enchanted web of dark desire. And then, just as he grows to care for her, she is spirited away, back to the world.

Such is the nature of his curse.

But when Aimalee arrives, Keeshan knows something is different. She is different. And his feelings for her are undeniable. He has no idea how long they will have together and, desperate to not waste a second of his time with her, Keeshan cannot help but indulge his every craving…and hers.

When the clever minx helps him solve a mystery that has been haunting him for ages, he can’t help but hope she may be the one to help him break the curse.

Hope is a dangerous thing in Keeshan’s world, especially because he knows her departure, when it comes, will destroy him.

This magical, fantasy romance with a twist from Sabrina York was previously published as Lust Eternal and has been re-edited and re-covered.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.50