The House of Pearl

I sat down with this book hoping to take a break from my love of romance books with a good supernatural thriller. Unfortunately, it was a struggle for me to see this story through until the end. I could not connect with the writing at all. The story just didn't make sense to me either. The part, close to the beginning, where Oshima has an affair with someone on the boat that is taking her to America to be with the sea captain she just married before boarding, was unnecessary. There was no point to it at all. Oshima was supposed to have this great love with Edwin, the kind that will make you get that lovely warm feeling in your chest when you realize they will live together as spirits for eternity. If that was the case then how did a man she just met, immediately after marrying Edwin, have such a hold on her?

Not even the little segments from history kept my attention. Which is unusual for me because I love reading about things from the past. There is one, and only one, thing I enjoyed about this book and that was bringing in characters who were real people from back in the day. Such as Mark Twain, Jack London, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. However, it still did not connect with anything else in this story.

I can't honestly recommend this book. The only thing I can say is if it seems like something you may be interested in, then by all means, please read it. It just wasn't something I could get interested in.

Book Blurb for The House of Pearl

Pop star Elia Pearl is a respected singer and songwriter with four songs on the Billboard Top Ten. With sold-out concerts everywhere and millions in the bank, Elia should be on top of the world.

Unfortunately, all she can think about is her loneliness. But all of that is about to change when Elia is invited to return to a house she has spent the last twenty years of her life running away from. Elia arrives at the House of Pearl, a Victorian home built on the Sausalito, California, waterfront. She hopes to write some new music or at least take a break from her busy career - and soon encounters a dashing yacht captain named Paul Hamilton. As she comes to terms with a family history haunted by ghosts and betrayals, she and Paul begin a passionate affair, fueled by both the devilish spirits that roam the house and Elia's desperate need for love. The tragic tale of the house slowly unfolds, and Elia recounts a story of love and unfaithfulness to Paul that only fuels the spirits' plans to threaten her newfound happiness. In this romantic paranormal thriller, two lovers must survive a ghostly onslaught or else find themselves doomed to become part of the tragic history that lurks in the shadows of The House of Pearl.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 2.50