Raging Sea

A Novel of the Stone Circles, #2

Raging Sea is the second book in author Terri Brisbin's Stone Circles series. Let's get all the normal mumbo jumbo out of the way and then I'll tell you what I liked about it. Although this book can be read as a standalone, I think you will benefit more if you read them in order. Near the middle of the book the characters from the first story join in with their fellow warriors. I really enjoyed watching it all come together. They really are starting their own little community against evil.

The best thing about this book is the fantastic imagery I was able to conjure up in my mind based on the author's descriptions. This is medieval times on the islands of Orkney we're talking about here and I felt like I was really there. Orkney has always been a place I wanted to travel to and it was an amazing feeling to be able to experience that with this book. I know I said this with the first book in this series, but I would love to see these brought to life on the big screen.

With this novel, we are introduced to the Stormblood and the Waterblood who slowly learn they were born to be part of the Warriors of Destiny. They are a group fated to stop the release of the vilest creature the earth has ever seen, the goddess Chaela. When they finally realize their purpose, they join the Warblood and Fireblood from the first book and come up with yet another plan to stop Hugh de Gifford from bringing the goddess back.

One thing I am wondering, though, is what happened to de Gifford's ability to know what others are thinking? There was a section in which Soren kept the words hidden from de Gifford that was needed to open and close the portal. The plot was fine, so it wasn't a big deal but I look for consistency when reading a series. If it's something that can be done in the first book, it should also be a possibility in other books of the series.

The last couple of chapters were my favorite, of course. That is where all the action and everything that the characters have been building up to comes into play. There were sacrifices made and hearts broken all in the name of keeping the world safe. However, I did think that de Gifford should have fought more but what he did was a true sign of a coward and I hope Chaela really puts a hurting on him!

These books are perfect for anyone who likes the Celtic religion, history, and romance. I'm thinking Stonehenge is coming in the next book. Really excited for that! Oh, you should definitely read the author's note at the end of this story. It's fascinating! Book three, here I come! Recommended!

Book Blurb for Raging Sea

From the USA Today bestselling author of Rising Fire comes the next novel in the spellbinding series that explores the wondrous and tantalizing mystery of the Celtic stones...

Eons ago, seven ancient deities trapped the goddess of chaos under a ring of stones. But now, in the darkest days of the 13th century, Chaela threatens to escape, leaving the fate of all humanity in the hands of two young lovers...

The daughter of a wealthy Orkney trader, Ran Sveinsdottir's life is turned upside down when an accident at sea unleashes powers within her, which she never knew she had. Those powers have drawn her into the battle of two warring factions: the Warriors of Destiny, whom she knows in her heart to be noble, and a menacing army holding her father captive. Her hope for survival is in the hands of Soren, the man she once loved, the man who betrayed her, and the only man she can trust in a raging battle against evil.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00