RSVP From Heaven

As someone who has always had an interest in mediums, I knew I had to read this book. I have watched shows like Crossing Over with John Edwards and The Long Island Medium in the past and although I am skeptical, it was still a source of entertainment for me. So I did feel disappointed when I didn't make a connection with this story.

The thing that I had the most trouble with was the fact that the writing style was too “stiff”. It felt like the author's interactions with the clients were overly formal. It would have been better if the dialogue was written as if they were just holding a normal conversation.

Also, I would like to have read more about the author. Giving me background information on her life and how she knew she had a gift would have been an important part of the story for me. It would have made her dealings more believable. Not to mention telling some of her own experiences with spirits. Every medium has them.

I kept getting distracted because the author would speak more about the things going on around her while she was doing the readings, than the readings themselves. Right in the middle of telling someone about their future or speaking to a dead loved one, she would veer off to how the DJ was playing the music too loud or what the medium at the table next to her was doing, which made it difficult for me to keep my mind on the subject at hand.

However, if I had to choose a favorite part of the book, it would be the Halloween party readings. Finding out what kind of costumes everyone was wearing was the highlight of the chapter.

I'm not trying to say the entire book was bad. There were some good readings. If this book had been more focused on those, and if the writing style would have been different, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more. So the only thing I can say is, give it a try. I have seen good reviews for this book. I suppose it's just a matter of opinion.

Book Blurb for RSVP From Heaven

"Touching people's lives...One PARTY at a time"

Marie is a clairvoyant who is passionate in guiding others longing for answers regarding their broken relationships, unfulfilled careers, relocation dilemmas, family drama and more. She comes face to face with clients at the most amazing parties and unique social events around.

Join the adventure, as you sit table side during readings at an Arizona casino swap meet, hold on to your seats at a downtown Mardi Gras festival, and experience front row seats with costumed guests throughout three nights of dazzling Hollywood Halloween parties. Are you ready to attend the upscale New Year’s Eve Party held at an exclusive resort? It's one cloaked with mystery and secrecy.

The stakes are high, as Marie battles anxiety, rejection, and skeptics along the way!

Looking to have a reading with a psychic or medium? By following Marie’s easy to use tips she’ll show you how to prepare for a more fulfilling experience.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.00