Murder at Whitehall

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Murder at Whitehall

An Elizabethan Mystery, #4

Murder at Whitehall is the first book I have read by Amanda Carmack. It is a mystery set in 1500's England around Christmastime. I am completely fascinated with the Tudor era and, whether historical or fictional, it is a subject I enjoy reading about. The author skillfully depicts the traditions and everyday life of those times, which is one of my favorite things about this story.

The mystery itself didn't really come into play until about halfway through the book, but it was appeasing. Kate Haywood deftly performs her duty of helping to protect Queen Elizabeth from something that is a constant in the queen's court....secrets. Kate was intelligent and talented. One thing I liked was the friends she had were always willing to help her out even when she didn't know if she could trust them or not.

This book intertwines a fictional mystery with real historic events. The author even gives us a brief Tudor timeline and history in the author's note, along with titles of books to read if you are interested in learning more. This story is something you should read if you are looking for a little twist to your holiday reads. Recommended!

Book Blurb for Murder at Whitehall

The acclaimed author of Murder in the Queen’s Garden returns to Tudor England with amateur sleuth Kate Haywood embroiled in court intrigue and a devastating scandal.

1559. The Twelve Days of Christmas at Whitehall Palace will be celebrated as a grand affair. But there are those who wish to usher in the New Year by ending Queen Elizabeth’s reign....

Despite evenings of banquets and dancing, the European delegates attending Her Majesty’s holiday festivities are less interested in peace on earth than they are in fostering mistrust. Kate, the queen’s personal musician, hopes she can keep the royal guests entertained.

But then Queen Elizabeth receives a most unwanted gift—an anonymous letter that threatens to reveal untoward advances from her beloved Queen Catherine’s last husband, Thomas Seymour. Tasked with finding the extortionist, Kate has barely begun investigating when one of Spain’s visiting lords is found murdered. With two mysteries to unravel and an unsettling number of suspects to consider, Kate finds herself caught between an unscrupulous blackmailer and a cold-blooded killer....

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.50