Hold Me Close

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Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close was my first read by author Megan Hart and I was impressed with the way she could take something so horrendous and make into something kind of beautiful. She has brought us a story about love being born from the darkest of situations. This story is not one for the tenderhearted. Oh, you could get through it. It would be challenging, but worth it.

It's raw. It's in your face. It's unapologetic. It's also affecting and arresting. The things the two main characters faced were down right horrifying and shaped them into who they are. Now, Effie is trying her hand at finding 'normal'. She thinks her and Heath are bad for each other, they remind each other of what happened. But what she doesn't realize is that she's the only thing holding them back.

The character of Bill was an absolute jerk, but a necessary one. His reaction to Effie's confession just left me addled. From the way he was acting before, I thought maybe he would step up and be the hero that he was proclaimed to be. However, that situation was just a mean to an end that drove Effie back to where she should have been all along.

Hold Me Close is a dark romance, but probably not in the way you think. I recommend it to fans of that genre, or anyone who is brave enough to give it a try.

Book Blurb for Hold Me Close

Apart, they are broken, but together, they are whole 

Effie and Heath are famous. Not for anything they did, but for what happened to them as teenagers. Abducted and abused by the same man, they turned to each other for comfort until they were finally able to make their escape. 

Now adults, their relationship is fraught with guilt and despair. Whether fighting or making love, their passion is strong enough to destroy them both—and Effie's not about to let that happen. She knows it's time for her to have a "normal" relationship, and Heath is nothing but a constant reminder of the dark past they share. Heath, on the other hand, knows Effie is the only woman he can ever love. She may want to forget what happened, but he's convinced that they must face their past together in order to move forward. So while Effie continues to bring new men into her life, Heath becomes obsessed with proving he's the one she needs. 

Then a new crisis arises and Effie begins to lose every scrap of self-control she ever had. As she struggles against her desire to return to the one man who understands her, she discovers that sometimes the only safety you find is with the person who is the most dangerous for you.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.00