Blazing Earth

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Blazing Earth

A Novel of the Stone Circles, #3

The protection of the world against evil continues in this third installment of the Stone Circles series by Terri Brisbin. In this book, we discover the Earthblood, Tolan, and the Sunblood, Elthea. It is now time for them to rise to their destiny and help in the task of preventing the evil goddess Chaela from escaping her prison.

One thing I really liked about this one is the fact that the Warriors we are introduced to are older. Tolan already has quite a bit of knowledge of the Old Ones and about his power from the stories that were passed down through the generations. The previous books had more of a New Adult feel to them, compared to this one which feels more like a straight up romance. I love both of those genres so it really doesn't make much of a difference but I did enjoy the slight change.

However, I was a little disappointed with the vision that Elthea saw. The ritual she witnessed was practically the same one that Ran saw, except this one reversed the gender of the sacrifice. I understand that they need to know how the gods were in those days and what they expected but I just think it would have had more of an effect if it were a different ritual. After that, I almost felt like I was reading the same book over, until around the eighty percent mark, then the situation became unique.

I kept asking myself why don't the other Warriors help the ones that are new to the fight? Does it have to be the new Warriors of that region that need to close or open the gateway? But we finally get to see them working together after the situation turns for the worse. It was great and something that I have been waiting for in the past couple of books.

As usual with these books, the last part was my favorite. That's when everything they have built up to and planned for goes into effect and the real action begins. I know the next book, which will probably be the last, is going to be interesting. They are heading to Ireland now and I am really excited to read Aislinn's story to find out her place in all of this.

Celtic legends blend with true love and companionship to create an entertaining read! Recommended!

Book Blurb for Blazing Earth

In the new Novel of the Stone Circles by the USA Today bestselling author of Raging Sea, the ancient and wrathful goddess of fire plots her escape as the future depends on the untapped powers of two lovers.

Tolan of Durrington is a farmer whose ancestors have tended the same lands for centuries with astonishing success. His hope for the future is that his son--and his sons yet to come--will carry on the traditions. But, his carefully laid plans are shaken by the village healer he's come to love. 

Unable to bear children, Elethea can offer Tolan only companionship and physical comfort. When hidden powers in their blood--powers to command the fertile earth, to draw from the healing sun--explode into being, their world and lives are changed forever. 

Soon, the fate of humankind is in their hands as the wrathful goddess grows closer to escaping her prison and destroying the world as they know it. Battling the goddess' followers and their own fears, can these two lovers protect mankind and still survive to find their own future?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00