Truly Yours

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Truly Yours

Amanda Carville, an innocent young lady, is arrested and taken to prison for the gruesome murder of her stepfather. For years he had swindled her out of her dowry, spent her inheritance and dismissed all her suitors, so when Amanda is found next to his dead body, holding the murder weapon, it is no surprise that everyone assumes her to be guilty.

Alone and afraid, Amanda is arrested and hauled off to prison, where she is beaten, berated and threatened with rape. Traumatized by the unfolding events, Amanda blocks out her surroundings and escapes to the confines of her mind.

Unbeknown to Amanda, Viscount Rexford, a man blessed with his family's paranormal gift for being able to decipher the truth from a lie, has begrudgingly agreed to his parents wishes that he come to her aid. Finding her lifeless and alone in her cell, unable to leave her to die, the Viscount uses the dangerous reputation he acquired in the war to strike a deal with the guard and demands the release of Amanda into his custody. Despite his war injury, he manages to mount his horse and carry a frail, comatose Amanda to the safe confines of his estranged mother's home.

Because of his paranormal gift, the Viscount knows that Amanda is telling the truth when she declares her innocence. Not being able to tell the police about his family trait or his certainty regarding her innocence, the Viscount realizes that finding the killer is the only way to clear Amanda's name. Placing her under his protection until his mother can arrive to take care of her, he enlists the help of his cousin and sets out to prove her innocents.

Despite his declaration that he never marry, the Viscount can't help falling in love with the frail, sweet, well-mannered girl who speaks nothing but the truth. Their attraction is mutual, instant, and as they both discover, permanent.

Can the Viscount and Amanda succeed in finding happiness together despite the secrets between them? Can the killer be found before Amanda is sentenced to hang? Will the many surprises they encounter and the truths that unfold tear them and their families apart or will their love conquer all?

There is only one way to find out..

Truly Yours is wonderfully written, with colorful characters and plenty of suspense. Barbara Metzger has written a great, mysterious love story filled with many twists and turns, coupled with delightful and shocking surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved this book and I am certain that you will too.

Book Blurb for Truly Yours

Alone in the world, Amanda Carville has no dowry, no reputation left, and no one who believes her to be innocent of murder, since she was found holding the gun that killed her stepfather. Viscount Rexford also has his troubles. He's scarred by war, and cursed-or blessed-with the family trait of knowing the truth when he hears it, and his success at extracting the truth from military prisoners has left many doubting his honor and his methods. When Amanda tells him she didn't do it, he believes her. Tired of the truth business, Rex refuses to get involved...until his heart leaves him no choice.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50