Time To Keep

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Time To Keep

Star Prescott, is a busy New York businesswoman, who is overworked, stressed out and suffering from high blood pressure. Making the decision to follow her doctors' orders to take a much-needed break, Star puts her hectic advertising career on hold for a luxurious 3-week vacation in a beautiful, fully staffed English castle that nestled in the English countryside.

With no contact to the outside world, no work and no friends to talk to, Star struggles to maintain her sanity and tries to devise way to occupy her time. But Stars adventure really begins when she finds herself exploring the forbidden West Wing of the castle, enters a time warp, meets up with a rocker named Colin Kendall, changes history and falls in love..

Time To Keep, is a fast-paced love story that is filled with both romance and adventure. This is an e-book that will satisfy ones desire for mystery, romance, excitement and happy endings. I recommend A Time To Keep to any reader looking for a short, but sweet romantic tale.

Book Blurb for Time To Keep

Star Prescott reluctantly takes her doctor’s advice to relax away from her office in a cold dank castle keep in northern England. But when she investigates a strange noise down a dark corridor, she embarks on a journey that changes her forever. The man she encounters seems familiar to her. Has she seen him somewhere before? Star quickly realizes she shouldn’t be in this place or this time, but it’s too late. Her presence has changed things. Now how does she fix the mess she has made and give Colin Kendall the future he deserves? Is there any way to protect her heart, or is it too late for that, as well? Has she fallen in love with a man she shouldn’t even know? Is she out of time with Colin, or will there be Time to Keep?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.50