The Resurrection of Lady Somerset

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The Resurrection of Lady Somerset

When his estranged father dies, Jonathon Rexley inherits the title of Lord Somerset. He is also set to inherit an impressive barony, but only on the condition that he marries Lark Blackwell-a woman he has never met-a woman who his father has kept hidden for many years in their family home.

The final letter from his father stipulates that Jonathon make Lark his bride and keep her true identity a secret. If Jonathon does not comply, he risks losing his family fortune to his financially reckless brother.

Determined to follow his father's instructions, Jonathon prepares himself for a marriage that would be true in name only. Then he meets Lark and finds himself lost in her piercing blue eyes..

Known only as the Somerset Ghost, Lark Blackwell has lived in hiding at Somerset Manor most of her life. Stricken mute after surviving the fire that stole the lives of her parents as well as the life of Jonathan's mother, Lark, has spent many years watching from the shadows as Jonathon grew from boy into man. Having dreamed of being loved by him for so long, Lark fears that Jonathon will never grow to love her and that laying claim to his inheritance might be the only reason he might agree to marry her.

As Jonathon and Lark grow closer and their feelings evolve into love, Jonathon discovers family secrets of betrayal, deception and murder. He eventually finds himself making a sacrifice that teaches him to trust in his heart. Lark, no longer in hiding and now out in society as Jonathan's betrothed, is finally able to allow herself to succumb to a love she has never known, but always dreamed of.

The Resurrection of Lady Somerset has layers upon layers of mystery and intrigue. Ms. Beaumont has woven a delightfully, tangled but believable web of lies, love, betrayal and infidelity, with an ending you won't believe!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Book Blurb for The Resurrection of Lady Somerset

An age-old mystery, a risky assignment, a marriage devised to suppress a secret.

Ethereal Lark Blackwell has been hidden within Somerset Manor most of her young life. Few guessed her existence. With the death of her mentor comes the command to marry the new Lord Somerset. He is to protect her, to introduce her to Society, and to keep hidden the mystery of her beginnings. Ha! After his shocked tirade and obvious disdain of the arrangement, she would not marry him even if he were the last man on God's green earth.

Jonathon Rexley, Lord Somerset, cannot help falling in love with the mute beauty who talks with her hands. Without this marriage, the estate falls to his wastrel brother, who already seems to have charmed the lady. Gad, but he is torn. Despite his love, the possibility exists that in her fire-blackened past, she could be his half-sister. Marry her, yes. Touch her, never.

THE RESURRECTION OF LADY SOMERSET may just be the death of the Jonathan Rexley

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00