The Last Promise

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The Last Promise

I found The Last Promise to be a sweet 24-page romantic tale about the power of love in the most dire of circumstances. The story itself projects the feeling that if we believe in love enough, that it could change our reality and the way we see and experience the world.

Captain Joshua Elliot, having escaped from a Confederate prison camp, is on the run after nearly six months of abuse and neglect in jail. Tired and near death, Joshua keeps going because of the love he has for Nora, the wife he left behind the day he enlisted. While trying to fulfill his promise to get back home, Joshua finds himself reminiscing about his life and their love. Using memories to keep him strong on the journey, the line between reality and memory is blurred and even when he least expects to make it back, his faith in his love for her is so strong that the impossible seems to become possible.

Nora, alone, pregnant and possibly in labor, is living in a town they once called home, struggling from day to day in a house that was burned to the ground by their neighbors. Holding on to the love she shared with Joshua keeps her strong as she tries to make a home for herself and their baby.

The Last Promise is a dream-like tale of love, loss and determination. Like love, with its many twists and turns, this tale has moments of complexity, like a dream, it can sometimes seem confusing, but in the end, the message you take away from it, is worth it.

Book Blurb for The Last Promise

Andersonville escapee, Captain Josh Elliott, is willing to do anything to get home to his wife. A Georgia boy in Union blue, he dwells on all the empty promises he made his young bride and wishes to make things right.

All she once had has been lost to her. Pregnant and alone, Nora's only hope is that her husband will make his way home to her. Can love restore what war has taken away?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00