Less Than Honourable

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Less Than Honourable

Erotic Historical Romance

Miss Alicia Alton, a young, well-educated, but impoverished nanny, finds herself falling in love with her widowed boss-Jason Culver, the wealthy, handsome and very sophisticated Marquess of Romley.

Thinking that Jason is indifferent to her presence in his household, and that her infatuation is a secret, Alicia believes her daydreams to be nothing more than romantic delusions that make her pulse race and her heart ache.

Celibate since his wife died, Jason Culver, while having many gorgeous, well-bred women make themselves available to him, has never wanted to devour them, steal their innocence and keep them in his bed. But he finds himself unable to ignore his urge to ravish his delectable and oh-so-sweet-looking nanny.

Then, late one night, burning with passion and consumed by desire, Miss Alton offers herself to him and his honor is not only in question, but at stake-much like her innocence.

When Jason's younger brother Vincent, a well-known rake, falls for the unfashionable old maid, Hannah Cooper, the four characters begin a journey where they give into their forbidden desires and discover the sinful pleasures of love and lust.

Emma Wildes has crafted wonderfully amorous love scenes with well-developed, likeable and fresh characters. Less Than Honourable is sexy, hot and fast-paced.

In short, this tale is orgasmic!

Book Blurb for Less Than Honourable

Jason Culver is aristocratic, proper, and very much obsessed with his children's nanny to his chagrin. His wants to ignore his attraction, but can't seem to resist it, and when he finally succumbs the results are combustible.

Alicia Alton is in love with her employer. No, she isn't of the same class, it's a hopeless passion if there ever was one, and she's a complete fool. However, she finds desire overcomes her inhibitions and moreover, though scandal lurks on the horizon, she can't deny the man she never dreamed would be less than honourable...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00