Lady Emelines Remedy

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Lady Emelines Remedy

Traditional Regency Romance

Lady Emeline Spenser is an intelligent young woman who is bored with the limitations society places on women of her era. Seeking a life of meaning, she decides to dedicate her life to easing the suffering of people in pain. Abandoning the tons' parties and shunning society's expectations, she finds refuge in her late father's medical journals. After many experiments and case studies, Lady Emeline discovers that by combining massage techniques with an age-old nettle remedy, she is able relieve joint and muscle pain.

Damon Ashby-Earl of Manderly-was once a fit, energetic and healthy man. When his foot is run over by a carriage wheel, he is left to hobble around in great pain with the use of a cane. Embarrassed and fearful of rejection, he drops out of society and escapes to his country estate. When the pain and the shame he feels his situations have put him in gets too much to bear, he decides to head back to London in search of alternative medical care. He finds aide in the form of Lady Emeline, who not only helps relieve his pain with her new remedy, but also offers him refuge in her home.

What begins as a complex situation between two young members of London's elite-both questioning and in fear of society's judgment of them-ends with their love, understanding and acceptance of one another.

Cynthia Moore has created a lovely story that I feel is utterly original in its premise. While there are no steamy love scenes, Lady Emeline's Remedy does capture your heart with stolen kisses and passionate embraces. I found myself rooting for the unique characters and enjoying their many compromising positions-you will too

Book Blurb for Lady Emelines Remedy

Tired of London's endless rounds of balls and parties, Lady Emeline Spenser vows to find a meaningful purpose in her life. She fulfills this desire by studying massage techniques in order to provide relief to people who suffer from joint pain.

Since the freak accident that broke his foot, Damon Ashby, Earl of Manderly, has been living like a recluse at his home in the country. The knowledge that he could be forced to walk with a cane for the rest of his life, and the constant pain, force him to seek a possible cure in London.

Thwarted in his search for relief, Damon turns to Emeline in desperation. Can Damon and Emeline accept the differences in each other or are they meant to part as friends never knowing what could have been?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00