Distracting the Duchess

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Distracting the Duchess

Artemisia Pelham-Smythe, the Duchess of Southwycke, is a young, raven-haired widow with an untraditional hobby of painting scandalous images of men in the nude. No longer trapped in an unsatisfactory marriage of convenience to a man 40 years her senior, she is determined never to marry again so as not to lose the freedom her widowhood has provided her.

That is until one morning when Trevelyn Deveridge-a member of the Queens corps of intelligence officers-enters her studio under the guise of being one of her male models. On the hunt to find an elusive Mr. Beddington, a known associate and possible international operative with ties to Artemisia's family, Trevelyn creates an alter ego and turns Artemisia's world upside down with his handsome face and devilish charm. Before long the duchess and the spy cross the line between artist and subject when, in an unconventional and surprising moment, Artemisia finds herself posing in the nude for her model and then announcing that she is in the market for a lover!

When her trusted assistant is abducted, the Duchess finds herself turning to Trevelyn for help. From that moment on, the story catapults itself into spy games, filled with romance, espionage and kidnapping, with trickles of delicious sexual tension and amorous romps in public places. Before long, Artemisia realizes that without Trevelyn, her heart might never be whole again, but will it be too late?

Distracting the Duchess has a cast of characters that stay with you long after you close the book. Desire, sex, intrigue and betrayal.this book has it all and is very much like the naughty romance novels our mothers and grandmothers stashed away in their bedside cabinets. This is one to enjoy reading in secret, because Emily Bryan had me chuckling from the very first line, smiling the whole way through and blushing in public places. Distracting the Duchess has a permanent home in my bedside cabinet!

Book Blurb for Distracting the Duchess

Looking for a Distraction? Her Grace, Artemisia Pelham-Smythe, widowed Duchess of Southwycke was an acclaimed child prodigy. Now she won't rest until she's recognized as an artist in the full bloom of her talent. Trevelyn Deveridge never intended to pose nude to serve his Queen and country. But when the trail of the elusive Mr. Beddington leads straight to Her Grace's door, he has little choice but to play the hand he's dealt. The duchess has no idea her newest model is about to drive her to . . . distraction!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00