At the Bride Hunt Ball

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At the Bride Hunt Ball

Ms. Madelyn Haywood is in her fourth "husband-less" season and hell-bent on surviving it without a marriage proposal. Tired of dealing with snotty heirs and scheming rakes, Madelyn is adamant that she will no longer succumb to her stepmother's whims of chasing after wealthy, titled men. Putting her dream of living out the rest of her life in her quaint family cottage on hold, she agrees on one more gathering to appease her stepmother's greedy quests to ensnare a titled Lord. The gathering results in an unhappy Madelyn being chosen as one of seven women invited to a country estate to attend an elimination process that involves much scrutiny and ends in a ball.

Gabriel Thurston Devine, the handsome, rich Duke of Wolverest, while scheming to escape the ties of matrimony is on the hunt for a bride for his brother, Lord Thurston. While organizing a bride hunt ball for his brother, he comes across an accident-prone, scandalously dressed outspoken beauty who steals his heart.

Madelyn finds herself hitting the Duke of Wolverest in the head with a lemon and falling on top of him when scaling a castle wall. But, when she dances with him in private, accepts and encourages his kisses and finds herself snuggling with him in dark corners of his castle, the stakes get higher. Then Madelyn finds her feelings blooming for the ultimate catch of the season, the unattainable, handsome, wealthy host---the Duke of Wolverest himself.

Olivia Parker's debut novel is well written, romantic, and fantastically comedic. The plot is fresh and reminds me of reality TV's The Bachelor with a unique take on the hunt and elimination process, as it would have been if it had occurred in historical England. At The Bride Hunt Ball is truly a wonderful read and is one of the best novels I have read this year. Avon has once again found a future queen of historical romance. This books witty dialogue and interesting characters were the perfect amount of lovely.

Olivia Parker is brilliant!

Book Blurb for At the Bride Hunt Ball

A Regency Historical Gabriel Thurston Devine, the Duke of Wolverest, has shocked the ton with his declaration that he will not be taking a bride. Instead, this arrogant man has decided to find a bride for his younger brother by hand-picking seven of the most eligible ladies of society and ensconcing them in his ancestral castle where one would be picked for the esteemed position at the end of a fortnight. But trouble comes in the form of Miss Madelyn Haywood--the only woman in England who doesn't want to be included in this scandalous bride-to-be elimination.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00