Wildcat Arrows

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Wildcat Arrows

This is not up to par. This is a bad book. It isn't up to the standards of a Dara Joy novel. This book more closely resembles the winning submission of a writing contest by a 12yr old boy. The story is hard to follow, the language is crude, and the cover art appears to be a bad attempt at playing with photoshop. I'm sorry Ms. Joy but the truth is that this book is really bad.

Book Blurb for Wildcat Arrows

Everyone wants to get their hands on the devilishly handsome tracker Wildcat Arrows. With twenty-nine corporate syndicates after his hide, he abruptly disappears after visiting a mining colony. Now crewmember Lucky Red must command Wildcat's beloved ship the Sugarbabe in his stead. With no one at her side except her faithful companions Spindrift and the silent Clugot, she is not prepared for a drop-dead gorgeous pleasure droid who suddenly demands to become part of their crew! Together, the wacky misfits streak across the galaxy on a madcap space adventure to find their captain. Unfortunately, the handsome space pirate has already been shanghaied by a lusty alien female warrior. . . And that's just for starts.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2006 1.00