A Corpse for Cozumel

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A Corpse for Cozumel

An Adie Sturm Mystery

A Corpse For Cozumel is an erotic suspense that will have you uncertain of who the murder is until the very end. When Adie Strum goes to Cozumel her life changes. Sure she would love to enjoy the glorious weather of a fabulous vacation spot, but her friend is numbero uno suspect in two murders.

Murder is not the only thing that Adie finds in Cozumel. She also finds that Wolf DuLac is there. The main question is can she trust him with her heart or will he break it again and more? DuLac has already broken her heart once, but could he be involved in the murders or does he want to start things up again?

Adie takes on the investigation to clear her friend and meets Diego Alverez. Diego is a hot one and loaded with money, but can she trust him. She hopes that he is not just trying to seducer her and that he is not the murderer. Now with two hot men and two murders will Adie get both a murderer and a lover or will she even make it out alive?

A Corpse for Cozumel was an interesting and fun trip down to Cozumel. It wasn't exactly the vacation that I would have booked myself on, but it was the type of suspense readers will be intrigued by. So, if you like your reading vacations to include hot sexy men along with some thrilling suspense this is a book you should check out. Hold on and keep looking over your shoulder. You won't guess who the killer is until it's too late.

Book Blurb for A Corpse for Cozumel

Sultry days and steamy nights-Cozumel. It was a simple enough plan but when murder and men get tossed into the mix, Adie Sturm's life gets scrambled. Her missing friend is murder suspect "onumero uno"_ but Adie knows different. When she starts digging, she finds that the dots connect straight to multi-millionaire Diego Alvarez and his company, Royal Investments in Cozumel. In her investigation, Adie becomes a sniper's target, narrowly escaping to the safety of her hotel and just as she thinks her troubles are over, she's forced to use her karate skills to survive. For a woman that's been burned before, enlisting an ex-boyfriend's help isn't the smartest move. Adie's emotions somersault with Wolf, a man like chocolate;creamy, rich, and sinfully delicious. She doesn't mind having his expertise in or out of the bedroom but she follows her own drummer when it comes to the situation with the drop-dead sexy Alvarez. Her gut instinct tells her Alvarez is innocent of murder. What she's not prepared for is the intricate web of seduction he spins, all for her. As the fierce El Norte reeks havoc on Cozumel, Adie is swept away into a dangerous cycle of events that spiral out of control before she chooses the man that captures her heart and finds the murderer.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 3.00