The Selkie and the Siren

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The Selkie and the Siren

In The Selkie and the Siren, Cillian Burns skillfully weaves Scottish lore with modern science and romance. A selkie is. Duncan MacDonald, a marine biologist, and his brother Alex, are selkies (seals who can transform into a human but also possesses telepathic ability with both humans and seals). Their research is secretly based on saving the fish for their native seal colony in Scotland. Everything is normal until Carli MacLeod, a local journalist, appears. Pressed by the need for funding his lab, Duncan MacDonald agrees to appear in a male calendar. This unleashes a series of events that is pleasurably not anticipated or predictable to the reader.

In this admiringly creative novel, the romantic peak builds with the well-developed storyline. The characters are soundly created and live up to their sexy potential! Dealing with true human sentiments throughout her novel, Cillian Burns also adds delightful sizzle to this romance by feeding the readers bit by bit. The ending was a long awaited for climax, far from the expected, a lovely surprise!

I give well-deserved kudos and high praise to Cillian Burns. This first novel of paranormal romance is a wonderful addition to her historical romance work.

Special Notes:

In this reviewer's opinion, there could have been more development with the editor character Petrovsky, for it appeared that he disappeared rather quickly for being such a thorn in the side. It appeared that Carli received the editor position out of the air. Even a few brief follow-up paragraphs (perhaps something with the magazine owner Mr. Buckley) would help secure the character within the plot. Aside from this, it is a wonderful novel!

Book Blurb for The Selkie and the Siren

Biologist Duncan MacDonald, a Scottish Selkie shapeshifter, is developing a strain of oil-immune fish to help his clan—the Shetland Island seals. When Carli MacLeod asks him to model for her magazine, he accepts because he needs mortgage money. As they spend time together, he falls in love with her. However, he must find a way to be completely human if he wants to follow his heart. Otherwise, he might be trapped in his seal form forever. Carli thinks she wants a career, not a man. Her magazine is her life until she meets Duncan. Although she is attracted to him, some strange nocturnal happenings at his laboratory pool cause her to wonder if he is a Selkie or a human? Will the answer to this destroy their love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50