The Model Man

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The Model Man

Erotic Romance

Kelly Michaels is a romance author who catapulted to fame with the photo of Italian hunk Derek Calavicci on her covers. Finally, after a string of best sellers, she meets him at a romance convention in person and she receives full court press - from both Derek and the media. After undeniable sexual tension, they meet and discover they couldn't be more different. As they get to know each other, preconceptions fall away and each is allowed to see the person inside. I was thrilled that Michaels gave these vital and sexy characters sizzling hot love scenes and a happy ending. I genuinely loved the final scene.

In Model Man, Michaels gives the romance writer her due, as well as the cover boy. The story was extremely well written, but I would have liked to have seen more written about Derek's response to 9-11. It seemed key to his persona and could have been better developed.

Book Blurb for The Model Man

Single mom and romance novelist Kelly Michaels has no time for a man in her life. But when mega-famous cover model Derek Calavicci puts the moves on her at a romance writers' conference, she succumbs to temptation. Common sense prevails, however, and after a few passionate kisses she turns him down; she has impressionable teenagers at home, after all, she doesn't need a one-night-stand with a much younger man, no matter how hot he is. When photos of their passionate moonlight kiss hit the tabloids, her agent has to do some fast footwork to save her reputation. Will the notorious bad boy go along with her scheme?

Derek rarely hears a woman say "no" - it's been that way his entire life. If Kelly isn't interested, he's not going to push her-- even if she does melt like ice cream on a hot sidewalk every time he touches her. But when an unexpected opportunity falls into his lap by way of Kelly's scheming agent, he jumps at the chance. Pretend he's in love with Kelly Michaels for two weeks? No problem. After all, the lady may say she's never going to sleep with him... but he's got two weeks to convince her otherwise.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00