The Gallery

Martin Rollins is a musician who has fallen for the beautiful artist, Sioban O'Conner. Siobhan paints portraits of goddesses, but she also suffers from partial amnesia due to a past accident.

When a strange man starts showing up around Siobhan, Martin is worried about her safety. Who is this mysterious man? What does he want with Siobhan? Martin begins to get curious and finds out the man knows a lot more about Siobhan than he is letting on. He doesn't want her to sell her paintings and it seems he wil not give up until he gets his way.

Overall, this is a good short story, although I must admit I found myself wishing it were longer. It seemed to grab me in just as the author was starting to near the end and that left me feeling a little disappointed.

I did like the way the author included bits about the different goddesses in Siobhan's paintings.

This would definitely make a good entry in a collection of other paranormal romance with similar themes. I would like to see more of Martin and Siobhan, as I feel there definitely could be more to the story of Siobhan's past.

Book Blurb for The Gallery

Length: 10,800 words/29 pages

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Genre: Paranormal fiction

Tagline: An artist who paints goddesses—or is she more? Martin Rollins and Siobhan O’Conner find it easy to fall in love, especially since they’re both artists. He’s a musician, she’s a painter, and the partial amnesia she experiences from an accident doesn’t prevent her from creating beautiful, valuable art. But a mysterious man appears and insists that she not sell her art—and he’s willing to resort to any means possible to stop her…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75