Something Wicked

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Something Wicked

Something Wicked is book two in Michelle Rowen's newest paranormal romance series: Living In Eden.

In book two, Eden Riley is still possessed by the sexy demon, Darrak (well, sexy when in his HUMAN form , that is) and now because of the possession, has become armed with some magic of her own. Determined to find someone who can help them break the curse that is on Darrak, so he can be once again be free in his own body and Eden can cleanse her ever-darkening soul, they seem to keep hitting obstacles.

Eden and Darrak must fight the still-present attraction between the two of them because it could only make Eden's situation even worse. If that wasn't hard enough, now Ben, the cute detective that Eden once had a major crush on, is part of a group out to rid the world of demons and their kind. He says he wants to help Eden, but other members of the group are not so concerned with Eden's safety. Then there is Theo, Darrak's demon friend. He says he can help, but he has a plan of his own that involves Darrak's help. That mixed with Eden finding out secrets about herself she never knew and a mysterious new neighbor make for lots roadblocks.

Something Wicked is written with that dash of humor I have come to love from Michelle Rowen. She can make a story seem quite serious, but yet there are moments you just have to giggle.

This novel is written well enough to be read on its own, but I highly recommend picking up the first book, The Demon In Me, first if you haven't read it yet. If not for the background information thought, but for the sheer enjoyment of reading another of Michelle's fabulous paranormal romances. I am looking forward to the next novel in the series, titled That Old Black Magic.

Book Blurb for Something Wicked

Living in Eden isn't exactly heaven on earth...

Darrak, the demon inside of Eden Riley, is able to take physical shape during the day. And Eden wouldn't mind getting her hands on him-if it wasn't a threat to her immortal soul. But while trying to rid themselves of the curse that binds them, they could get the distance they need...or each have their own private hell to pay.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.75