Saving Sarah

Almost one year ago, Sarah Slattery was raped in her home while her husband, Ben, was out. Since this horrific and traumatic event, Sarah has been unable to make love to Ben, Feeling there is nowhere else to turn, Ben seeks the advice of a therapist. But this is no ordinary therapist.

Annie is a white witch who holds souls that are in limbo and not ready to move into the light. With the help of Dunley, one of these lost souls, she embarks on a plan to help save Sarah and Ben's marriage.

With Dunley's help, Ben and Sarah are once again able to share the physical intimacy that has been missing from their lives.  But there is also a dark force out to destroy the rekindled passion and it becomes a race against time to stop that force before it reaches its goal.

Filled with hope, lots of steamy sex, and even some suspense, Saving Sarah is a story of a couple trying to get the magic back and move on from the past and a lost soul, trying to redeem himself

The sex was so hot at times, I felt warm all over, and the ending was so sweet, it almost brought tears to my eyes. If you like your paranormal romance with lots of steam, Saving Sarah is a great read.

Book Blurb for Saving Sarah

A couple marred by tragedy indulges in a night of passion to redeem their marriage—and the lost soul of the handsome ghost who shares their bed. But the evil that almost destroyed them all a year ago still lurks in their lives, and it wants revenge…
Publisher’s Note:  Originally published in the Two Men and a Lady anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75