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On what seemed liked a typical morning, Kyla McLean turned on her television only to see a photo of husband, Dudley, on the screen and a reporter announcing that he had been arrested for the murder of two women. Shocked by this statement, suddenly Kyla’s life is spinning out of control. Police soon arrive with a search warrant and she is told Dudley is not only suspected of killing the two women, but also that he may be connected to other murders as well.

The words "serial Killer" are floating around and Kyla has to deal with the media speculation and the horror of her husband behind bars.

The police are convinced they have their killer, but Kyla believes her husband couldn't possibly be the monster they are accusing him of being. After all, how could the man she loves be this savage killer? But Kyla soon finds that not everything is what you believe and even she begins to doubt Dudley's innocence.

Set against the background of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games, Nightmare is a story about a woman who faces what she believes to be the worst moment of her life. Little does she know it’s only the beginning.

This story kept me on edge from the very beginning and I must admit I found myself trying to read as fast as I could so as to  uncover the truth behind the mystery. I kept going back and forth on my opinion of Dudley's guilt. I tried to put myself in Kyla's predicament and think of how I would feel in her place. Could I believe my own husband was guilty of such despicable acts? What would I do?

The author mixes the craziness of the Olympic Games with this thrilling suspense story and kept me guessing till the very end. After reading this story, you might find yourself asking the question "How well do I know the person I married?"

Book Blurb for Nightmare

When her husband is arrested as a serial killer Kyla thinks it’s as bad as it gets. But there’s much more in store. Set in the frenzy of Olympic games Vancouver, Kyla swings from believing in his innocence to the utter conviction of his guilt, and then back again. And discovers, in the process, that nothing is ever as it seems.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.75