Cauldron of Keridwen

Ace of Cups

A delightful tale using `world building of wing and tongue', meaning this story exists within in time where dragons are respected and honored, and those People of the Cauldron who possess Gifts are shunned to a certain part of the valley. Stumbling upon a stranger that haunts her thoughts and dreams, Hilendra begins to realize that her Gift as an empath is special and needs to be guarded. Her vision of a creature that comes to her in the night reveals her true purpose and soul's love.

This is medieval erotica at its best! Sensual, appropriately and tastefully done, KZ Snow had done herself proud.

***Special Notes***

Snow's English background has done her proud here. It was a pleasure to read her work and not seen any minor grammar or punctuation errors. I gave it a second and third read because of this attention to detail.

Book Blurb for Cauldron of Keridwen

While this book can be read as a standalone, it shares the world-building of Wing and Tongue.

The valley known as Cauldron of Keridwen is where the "Strange People" of Galdesh live — those who practice the occult arts or have paranormal powers. It's the home of Hilendra, an empath with mild psychic ability. But Hilendra also has another, more special gift she's intent on keeping secret. Intimacy with her results in healing and rejuvenation.

Hilendra has taken two lovers from the village. She doesn't find the men particularly attractive but they meet her needs. Until the shadowy but far more seductive form of another man appears in her cottage one night.

As Hilendra's dream lover becomes more real and increasingly more captivating, his true identity comes to light. He seems to have some connection to a local witch and to the Farfields dragons. Hilendra also discovers her two former sex partners are not what they seem. A plot is afoot…and it endangers not only the Kingdom of Galdesh and the Farfields dragons, but Hilendra herself.

Reader Advisory: contains scenes of m/f/m sexual interaction.


Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50