Alien Genes 1

Daughter of Atuk

Theunissen weaves a yarn that transcends the bonds of human time to reveal a species that has been awaiting its savior for millennia. When Cathy, a student of ancient history, befriends an unusual gentleman, she finds herself involved in a series of events that are unbelievable. What is even more fantastic is that this alien race communicates through telepathy and she has been hearing voices and reliving visions from someone else's past. Invited to an excavation dig, Cathy is poisoned, kidnapped, injected with alien DNA and left to realize that she is the hope of restoration for this alien race.

A tale with twists and turns, Alien Genes I, Daughter of Atuk is a finely woven tale with much potential for a series and adventures to come.

Book Blurb for Alien Genes 1

Cathy, a young student, has an appointment with destiny. Unaware of her alien heritage, she is befriended by Eqin, a visiting scholar, and his colleague Hasan. When Eqin unexpectedly disappears—apparently dead—she is left alone, haunted by inexplicable visions and doubting her own sanity. Years later her path again crosses that of Hasan whose personal quest for power and glory causes her life to take an unexpected turn for the worse. After a brush with death, she is smuggled to an alien facility by Eqin and his sister S’Tha. Hunted by Hasan and subjected to secret experiments by S’Tha, it seems that her fate is sealed. Only when she is transported off-world by Anya, a Truth Seeker, into the safety of Atuk’s Sanctuary, does she learn the truth about herself. But is she really who the Antediluvians believe her to be?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00