A Change of Heart

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A Change of Heart

Six years have passed since Jake Langley has been in his home town. Casey, for one, thought she was rid of him for good. Her sister Emily, however, had been left with a permanent reminder of Jake in the form of her five year old niece Melody. Casey has forgiven Jake the `indiscretion', but Emily holds a grudge. She is forced to face the object of her scorn when Jake's partner Bode boards their stock on her farm. However, in her years of planned anger, what she didn't plan for was falling for him - hard.

Marianne Arkins tells a story where the characters are real, struggling with their own humanity, and places in the world. With a wonderfully happy ending, Arkins unpredictably resolves difficult situations and leaves the reader believing in small towns, true love, and happy endings.

Book Blurb for A Change of Heart

Returning to Wyoming after a six-year absence, Jake Langley finds more than just changes in the now run down family ranch. His warm feelings for a former girlfriend have cooled, and he finds himself drawn to her sister and his former best friend, Emily. His discovery of the sisters' well-kept secret, however, upsets his long-term plans and sets duty against his heart's desire. Now, four hearts and four lives will be changed, forever.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00