Wounded At The Lake

Wounded SEAL Trilogy, #1

Heroes come in many shapes. Ex-Seal Cooper Browning is now a private Investigator, PI. When he finds a hurt women at the lake his life changes. She has amnesia, but she decides on Lori as her name. She starts a new life with the Cooper’s family.

Cooper and his brother run a PI firm and they are investigating a sex trafficking ring in Houston. Between his PI work and training dogs for the military Cooper falls in love with Lori. But who is she? How can he fall for a women he knows nothing about? Everything changes when Lori remembers her past and rushes out to save the day. But Lori’s life has changed and can the two find their way back?

Mitzi Pool Bridges is a new author to me. She has written a great book with exciting characters. Cooper and his friends are ex-military with hearts of gold. They are helping a friend out and find themselves involved in a human trafficking ring.

Lori is lost but finds herself and is great with Cooper. This book touches on the tough subject of human trafficking. Mitzi handled this topic well. “Wounded At The Lake” showcases a true romance between two strangers finding themselves in love. They have to survive against all the odds.

I’m looking forward to more books from this author and I recommend this book to other military romance fans.

Book Blurb for Wounded At The Lake

Ex-Navy SEALs Cooper and Dirk Browning’s PI firm has been hired to find out who kidnapped their teammate’s ten-year-old daughter, Christie. They are stretched thin investigating two frustrating cases, in addition to handling their flourishing military canine-training enterprise.

Coop and his star dog-in-training find a mysterious woman with a head wound. Her memory is gone. Between trying to find a clue to Christie’s kidnapper, and his efforts to find the real identity of the woman he names Lori, Coop falls in love.

So does Lori. But how realistic is that? She doesn’t know who she is, and Coop can’t envision a life with a woman he knows nothing about. When the truth comes out will their love survive?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00