Web of Deceit

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Web of Deceit

The Deceptive Lovers Series

“Web of Deceit” is a romantic suspense full of twists and turns. We are introduced to Kaliope Winter and her best friend FBI agent Colton Brady. But secrets are being kept and they may cost their friendship. When Kelli is marked as a target by a serial killer the truth comes out and lives changes. Will they survive the fallout from the lies?

This is one of my favorite types of romance. The author has you guessing. Kelli is a great character with problems, but she is working through them and surviving. Colton is an identical twin. His identical brother is Jaxxon. They are two hot FBI agents with secrets and a love for Kali. Colton’s love is that of friendship and Jaxxon is that of a lover. Protecting Kelli is something they both share and there deceit causes problems. But the love between Jaxxon and Kelli is deep as her relationship with his twin.

The other characters make a perfect fall for this group. I’m interested in reading the follow up books and seeing where Colton, Harper and Max lead too.

“Web of Deceit” is a very interesting book that will keep you guessing till the end. It’s a real page turner. This is a perfect summer read.

Book Blurb for Web of Deceit

FBI Special Agent Colton Brady is an important person in Kalliope Winters’s life. He’s been her savior, pulling her out of the darkest of days and rescuing her from herself on more than one occasion. She trusts him implicitly, but he’s hiding something, and it may cost them their lives. A cracked serial killer obsessed with Kalli is stalking her. She’s completely unaware of this until she wakes up painfully zip-tied to a chair, severely beaten, and close to death.

Now she has to rely on Jaxxon, Colton’s twin brother, a man she’s craved since adolescence, to keep her safe. Jaxxon is moody, arrogant, and bossy as all hell. His demeanor is as lethal as his sinfully good looks and he will stop at nothing to keep his current assignment, Kalli, alive. But Jaxxon is also lying to her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50