Vulcan's Woman

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Vulcan's Woman is a science fiction erotic romance set on the planet Helixes. The planet is overrun with creatures’ of all types. The female lead, Wisteria, is part of a primitive clan that lives on the planet. Promised to a man she does not want she wonders off and is saved by barbarians. The barbarians are led by Vulcan. He is a US Special Forces leader and his group is investigating the planet. Sex and romance follows, but when he is called home what he will do?

Vulcan's Woman has some great elements. It has a strong alpha hero, a damsel in distress and an off planet experience. Overall I just never felt the connection between these elements. Questions popped into my mind like, why were US troops there? What was their mission? These questions didn't really get answered and I felt like not enough was given. Also, Vulcan and Wisteria were for me not very likable.

Would I recommend the book? I do to those who enjoy light science fiction. This is the start to a new series that might get better as it gets more developed and the characters fill out.

Book Blurb for Vulcan's Woman

Wisteria’s clan demands she mate with a brutish hunter to carry on a strong bloodline. Instead she discovers the sexy, forbidden Vulcan. When she’s seen kissing the foreign tribesman she’s beaten and ostracized before being taken prisoner by the bloodthirsty Barbarians. While hoping for Vulcan’s return she takes her rescue into her own hands, complicating matters further.

Vulcan is the leader of a US Special Forces unit, which has purportedly been sent to planet Helixis to observe the native species. However, he discovers he’s part of a deceptive government plan. While struggling with his conscience he falls for the independent-minded Wisteria and introduces her to the joys of lovemaking. But when he’s called back to Earth, he must decide where his heart lies.

Inside Scoop: Helixis is overrun by vicious creatures that cause violent, bloody havoc.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.00