Beyond Human, #1

Jake Callahan and his group are on the run from the Government. They are powerful telepaths with many gifts bread from the Tribe. They need the truths and sometimes you have to make hard decisions to get those…liking kidnapping Christie Winters, the daughter of his old boss. But not all is what it seems and secrets come out.

This is an interesting first book about individuals with gifts. Jake and his group are a mixed bag of age and gender. Jake is the leader but the others in the group are connected with him thru the Tribe. The Tribe DNA was mixed with others resulting in children with gifts.

Christie is a scientist. She’s smart and clueless about her father’s work and background with Jake and the government. She takes the kidnapping, her father, and her own background with amazing ease. This story is well written. After finishing the story I was left with lots of questions. That might not be a bad thing though since this is a series and the author will want us to continue on. Hopefully there will be a new book quickly. If you enjoy this type of story I encourage you to pick this book up.

Book Blurb for Unthinkable

Betrayed by the government he worked for, Jake Callahan, leader of a group of powerful telepaths, will do anything to keep his people safe--and that means uncovering the secrets behind their past. His only hope lies with Christa Winters, the beautiful scientist daughter of Jake's old boss. But Christa has secrets of her own...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50