Twisting Souls

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Twisting Souls

Tales of the Citadel Book 55

“Twisting Souls” is book 55 in the Tales of the Citadel series. It can stand alone.

Aymin lives in a world where talents are normal but not her kind. When she learns hers is forbidden and braded with a tattoo showing she is a social reject, life changes. On her planet she and her kind are Backers and when they start disappearing she knows her time is almost up. The Vorking are collecting the Backers. Aymin and her fellow Backers are rescued by the Citadel and taken to Belden to learn more about their species. But Aymin life is about to change in a new way when she goes out on a mission. Can she prove herself worthy to her new friends and accept her new life on Belden?

This is another good book in the Tales of the Citadel series. We revisit the Vorkings and Citadel on Belden. This installment features Aymin and like all others she is brought to the Citadel to learn more about her talent and her fellow Backers. But what is different is she’s from an unknown planet and really not part of the Citadel. She is sent on a mission with a Sector Guard Wraith and fiends a new aspect of her talent. As with the other books Aymin and Wraith are mates and accept each other as they are.

As will all the other book this is another great book in this series. I’m looking forward to my next visit to the Chital.

Book Blurb for Twisting Souls

Aymin lived a normal life until she was told that her brand of talent was forbidden. A tattoo, nanites and a life as a social reject were the result.

Backers were supposedly protected by law, but there were ways to torment them, and that is what wracked Aymin each and every day. When the Backers started disappearing, Aymin got worried, and when she was the last woman standing, she gave herself to the inevitable.

Waking on a space station was a shock. Seeing what they were doing to the other Backers was worse. An escape thwarted and a rescue by strangers starts a new phase in Aymin’s life if she can prove herself to those around her.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 3.50