The Wolves of Fenrir Box Set

This is a 4 book box set featuring:

(1) A wolf to watch over me – featuring Lauren and Hakon

(2) A most wanted wolf – featuring Ule and Andrew

(3) Silver Wolf Rising – Niall and Dagny

(4) The wolf who came in from the cold- Rig and Mirea

This book is set in the year 2225 and the Fenrir wolves are on Earth working as body guards and making a home. Each book feature a great couple and makes for a great box set.

What a great way to buy this set of shifter books. I always look for box sets when available. They are a great way to buy a series all at once and usually at a savings. You will want to buy this set if you are a shifter fan. Each book features a great couple and you get to read their story from meeting to mating.

Start at book one: Fenrir wolf is hired to protect Lauren a noted scientist and finds that she is in danger from the Axis and his mate. This is a great intro to the set.

Next is the female wolf Ule who is part of Hakon pack. She meets human spy Andrew during a shootout and love is in the stars.

Next is the sweet book of two older wolves finding love amongst an attack.

And last is Hakon brother Rigs (the General) who falls for the human interpreter Mirea.

Read this set and find out how the Fenrir find their mates and help protect Earth from another war.

You can’t go wrong with this set.

Book Blurb for The Wolves of Fenrir Box Set

By the year 2225, humans have come a long way. Broadening Earth’s frontiers into the galaxy means taking a crash course in inter-alien relations, and humans are – mostly – embracing their new allies.

The Fenrir are Viking descendants of the Great Wolf of Norse myth – heroes and heroines from across the galaxy who have returned to Earth to help keep our planet safe.

A physicist and an assassin, a spy and a mechanic, an old soldier and a weaver, a general and an interpreter – fall in love and run into danger with all of them as they face down an enemy threat that could plunge the Earth back into a war to end everything.

***A Wolf to Watch Over Me***

Lauren Ivers should be home, reading and eating take-out. Or in her lab, working on new ideas in post-quantum theory. Instead, she’s on the run with the bodyguard she didn’t know she had in a desperate bid to get off-planet before she becomes a casualty in an intergalactic war. She’s sure it’s just the adrenaline that has her reacting to her oversized protector with smart-mouthed replies and a full-bodied zing she wills herself to ignore.

Hakon sidUlfr, a wolf-shifter from another world, and Lauren’s covert bodyguard, is determined to keep her safe from the Axis aliens hunting her. Not because she’s a duty, but because there’s something about her that calls to all his primitive and protective instincts. It’s a distraction he can’t afford as he works to sneak a single, small human across unfamiliar terrain.

When Hakon is injured, Lauren realizes that while he was protecting her body, she should have been protecting her heart.

***A Most Wanted Wolf***

You can’t trust a spy. That’s the nature of their job. As a warrior, Ule tärEinar prefers direct action to sneaking around. Yet when she meets Andrew Wyatt, she can’t deny that sparks fly.

Andrew’s assignment is to steal back the human scientist who was about to become a Fenrir mate. He doesn’t count on the woman who meets him eye to eye, challenging everything he ever knew about alien relations.

As the cold war between their two cultures heats up, Ule is going to have to learn how to trust the man who could destroy her world with just one lie.

***Silver Wolf Rising***

Dagny tärEinar is on her way to Earth to start her new life. Not that she knows what that’ll be like – a long-time widow with grown children, she hardly knows who she is anymore.

Being forced into retirement is turning him bitter. Niall sidKalvr knows it, but he can’t help it, either. He’s ending his long career in the Fenrir Army to become a farmer, of all things.

Neither of them expect to be saviors, the leaders of a small rebellion. But when enemy soldiers invade their pack ship, Niall and Dagny are forced to work together to protect and care for their shipmates and themselves, despite the distracting life-scent trying to draw them together. A scent that indicates they’re meant to be together for the rest of their lives. However long – or short – that may be.

***The Wolf Who Came In From the Cold***

Rig sidUlfr wants peace on Earth.


As the general in command of the Fenrir troops on Earth, his mission is to maintain the security of the planet in the aftermath of an intergalactic war. And if alien Axis terrorists would quit putting his new, distractingly attractive interpreter in the line of fire, that would be great.

Mirea Randolph may speak half a dozen languages, but words won't be enough to keep her and Rig safe. It seems like every time she gets her red lipstick on him, another attack occurs. With constant attempts to derail the fragile peace process, she ends up involved in layers of deception she won't be able to talk her way out of in any language.

Their attraction burns laser hot as they work to keep Earth safe from a new wave of enemy invasions. But once the job is done, will Rig have to go back into the cold alone, or will Mirea keep him warm?

All of these stories have been previously published and are also available as single titles.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00