The Demigod's Legacy

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The Demigod's Legacy

Tito Perez is a demigod. He is refusing to take a mate because he lost his family 600 years ago. He thinks that because he couldn’t protect his family then from the scheming of the Aztec gods he doesn’t deserve another chance. But he doesn’t realize he has a mate already in December Farmer.

December is a modern women with a mind of her own. She’s after the father of her daughter. It’s time he steps up and helps her. But when she finds him in Maria, New Mexico she’s in for a big surprise. The town is full of supernatural beings and so is her daughter. December and Tito must make some big decisions about each other and there lives.

“The Demigod's Legacy” starts a new spinoff series connected to Holly Trent’s popular Desert Guard series. This book can be read as a standalone book. Reading the other books will give you more background information about the overall world.

Tito is an immortal demigod who is not like the other Gods. He tries to stay out of their way. But when the time comes he stands up to them. He left his women six years ago thinking he was protecting her, but she is no wilting flower. December is a modern strong woman with a mind of her own. She’s raised her daughter Cruz for 6 years and has tracked the father done. But where she finds him the information she learns shakes her. But she is strong and doesn’t need protecting from some Gods causing trouble.

This is a good book with great characters and a strong story. As with this authors other books there is lots of action and romance. I highly recommend reading this book as well as the other books by this Holley Trent.

Book Blurb for The Demigod's Legacy

From USA TODAY bestselling author Holley Trent comes a new spark-laden shifter series!

Six hundred years after losing his wife and son to his cousin’s deadly scheme, the demigod cougar shifter known as Tito Perez still refuses to take a mate. He couldn’t protect his family in pre-colonial Tenochtitlan where Aztec gods freely roamed, and he won’t risk endangering another in modern New Mexico.

Too bad he doesn’t know he already has one from a tender affair with a sweet bar waitress he abandoned.

After waiting five years for Tito to return to his senses, December Farmer tracks her daughter’s absentee father to the small town of Maria, New Mexico, to make him step up, but he’s not the only one in for a shock. The town is overrun with supernatural beings and, apparently, her daughter, Cruz, is one of them.

December isn’t sure she can stomach being the mate of an immortal shapeshifter, but the stakes are higher for Tito. His cousin intends, yet again, to take away the only things Tito holds dear, and this time, Tito may have no choice but to cast his precious humanity aside and become the unflinching warrior he’s never wanted to be.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00