Sister of a Sinner

A Sinner's Legacy Book 3

"Sister of a Sinner" is book three In the Sinner's Legacy series. It features the great football team the Sinners and the family that makes up the team. Xochi and Junior have a long history from childhood until now. You have Junior having feelings for Xo. But she is special and with her being able to see aura's she knows trouble is coming. And when it happens, Junior and his buddies travel to Cozumel to save the day. This is a Sinner romance at it's best.

The Sinner's Legacy books need to be read in order to enjoy this romances. With a combination of sports, family and the supernatural these books are a winning combo. I encourage you to enjoy Xo and Junior 's story as they find love and acceptance. This book is a perfect fall romance. Are you ready for the Sinners and football romances at there best?

Book Blurb for Sister of a Sinner

Junior Polk wants only one thing more than to be drafted by the Sinners football team--the love of Xochi Billodeaux, whom he's adored since the feisty Mexican girl saved him from bullies as a weak, fat child.

Having the ability to see auras, Xo is distracted from seeing Junior for the man he's become because of the "dark men" who appear to be following her. Surely, people will consider her crazy if she tells them what she fears--even Junior who swears he would die for her.

When she is snatched off the street by a false Mayan priest who believes her sacrifice to the goddess Ix Chel will restore a man's vigor, Junior and three companions race to Cozumel to save her. Would Junior truly give his life for hers?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00