Alpha Marked, #1

Scarlet is the oldest in a set of triplet witches. Two of the sisters bare the mark of mating twin alpha wolves. The girls are summoned to a gathering to mingle and meet alpha wolves. This book showcases what happens when wise cracking witches get in contact with hot alpha wolves wanting a mate. You get lots of sniffing and hot MFM action. The wolves are out to hunt mates, but not before Scarlet takes charge and sets out to tame some wolves.

Scarlet is a short erotic paranormal book. But amongst all of the hot sex there are some really interesting characters that are developing. Scarlet is adorable. She is the eldest triplet and a take charge woman. She gets things done and cares about everyone. Her two alphas are hot, but more than eye candy. They seem to really care about others and Scarlet.

On the other two sister’s front - I am hoping there will be in future book about them. They are some great characters. My only hope is that the next books will be a little longer. I recommend you try Scarlet.

Book Blurb for Scarlet

Thirty and single? Well, getcha butt to the Gathering!

As if hitting thirty wasn’t enough, unmated Scarlet Wickham is summoned to this year’s Gathering. As a woman Marked to be the mate of an Alpha pair, she’s not going to find happiness anywhere other than in the arms of two Alpha werewolves. So, off she goes with her sisters in tow. ‘Cause yeah, she’s one of the plump Wickham triplets, and they’re all being carted off to werewolf speed dating.

Keller and Madden, Ruling Alpha pair, can’t believe their luck. They’ve found their mate, and she’s more than they could have ever hoped for. She’s feisty with spirit to spare, and lush curves that they want to trace with their tongues. They can’t wait to solidify their bond and get to know the beautiful woman who is to rule at their side. But first, there’s the minor inconvenience of a challenge to the death…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00