Redeemer of Shadows

Tribes of the Vampire, #1

This book is the first book in the tribes of the vampire. This is a story about following ones destiny.

Hathor stumbles onto a vampire sex club by accident and her life is changed forever. Is this fate or karma? Hathor has drawn the attention of the vampire community in London by not being able to be read by the younger vampires. Also she has been noticed by Sevaes. She is his lover from a past life. Their destiny builds as Hathor learns more about vampires and their lives and curses. Their lives are in danger and they find together that they are more than normal vampires. They are a new breed of vampires, termed day walkers. They are able to live as humans, but keep their vampire powers.

Redeemer of Shadows is not a fun sparkly vampire book. These vampires are dark and dangerous. They still hide and lay in coffins. But this is also a book of hope, passion and love. Love thru time will break a curse from a time past. Redeemer of Shadows is the first book and a great new beginning to a great new series. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for that dark side of the vampire world, but do expect to get a ray of hope and a love that endures.

Book Blurb for Redeemer of Shadows

As a fierce and undeniable destiny pulls them together, vampiric forces beyond their control conspire to tear them apart.

A dark night, a wrong turn, and Hathor Vinceti stumbles into a sinister London underworld that will change her life--forever. Reality as she knows it shatters as she is exposed to the self-seeking indulgences of a group of bored vampires, but also a mystery man who calls to her across the ages.

Servaes, the Marquis de Normant, survives immortality with a barely restrained hostility against the vampire who sired him, and the young ones who abuse their power. Eternity has never seemed so endless, until Hathor catches his eye.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00