Pure Heat

Firehawks, #1

Pure Heat is a novel of fire and fire fighters in Oregon. We have Steve Mercer, aka “Merks” who is a third generation fire fighter pilot. He reads fires like others read books, but he isn’t so lucky in love.

Carly Thomas lost her Dad and fiancé to fires. She isn’t really looking for love when she meets Steve, the newest member of Mount Hood Aviation. Hurt in a fire “Merks” now fights fires with the use of pin point drones. These two fire fighters set each other on fire and the forest of Oregon will never be the same.

This book has strong characters in Carly and Merks, as well as plenty of supporting characters. A lot of tension and passion from our heroes keep the story moving as well as great background information. Not only do we have fires in Oregon, but a home grown territory plot is brewing. This added plot puts a nice spin on the story. Instead of destruction of the fire, it peace to the area. In the beginning of this story there is the love story of Carly and Merks. It is well written and played out nicely. All together these elements make for an interesting book and a recommendation from me.

Book Blurb for Pure Heat

These daredevil smokejumpers fight more than fires.

The elite fire experts of Mount Hood Aviation fly into places even the CIA can't penetrate.

She lives to fight fires

Carly Thomas could read burn patterns before she knew the alphabet. A third-generation forest fire specialist who lost both her father and her fiancé to the flames, she's learned to live life like she fights fires: with emotions shut down.

But he's lit an inferno she can't quench

Former smokejumper Steve "Merks" Mercer can no longer fight fires up close and personal, but he can still use his intimate knowledge of wildland burns as a spotter and drone specialist. Assigned to copilot a Firehawk with Carly, they take to the skies to battle the worst wildfire in decades and discover a terrorist threat hidden deep in the Oregon wilderness—but it's the heat between them that really sizzles.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50